Wednesday, March 29, 2006

NU, POGODI! Part 2

We are continue to put online art material for most known Soviet cartoons NU, POGODI! ("Ну, погоди!").
Here you can see the photo of permanent director of all original episodes of NU, POGODI! Vyacheslav Kotenochkin and his son Alexey Kotenochkin. Alexey has become the animation director also and recently he did two new episodes of NU, POGODI!

And here there are another drawings done for 8th part, which was produced in 1974. Please notice that the same artist did all clean up drawings.
Valery Ugarov (he become famous animation director later) did animation for this scene, the clean up is by Sergey Marakasov.

Animation by Oleg Komarov, clean up by Sergey Marakasov.


Blogger Maksim Nikonets said...

Великолепный материал! Это те самые кадры которые я использовал ранее в детстве, чтобы учиться рисовать. Я смотрел "Ну, погоди!" дома на кинопроекторе, останавливал на понравившемся кадре ленту и переносил рисунок со стены на ватман. Спасибо!

11:17 AM  
Blogger UM said...

You mentioned that the same animator did the clean up as well. When I first got into animation professionally, i did all my animation straight ahead on twos and cleaned up as I went along. Several of my animators started doing the same thing and our assistants protested because all they ended up doing was inbetweening. But I liked doing the clean up work because at the time we were xeroxing the drawings and it was possible to retain your own roughish, touched-up look. Later, when digital paint took over, there was no point in keeping this up and assistants were so much better to do this closed off, wire-bending line. Thank you for sharing these.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Alexey Kobelev said...

Dear Uli! I'm sorry to say but I think that something was lost in translation. You see I wanted to say that Sergey Marakasov did most of clean up work for all parts of NU POGODI. At least all of these drawings done by various animators were cleaned up by him. As a result was a integrity of character design. Thus I say that the same artist did all of the final drawings.
Anyway thank you for the sharing your experience!!! I know that you are the brilliant draftsmen and I admire your animation and character design in AN AMERICAN TAIL 2 and SPACE JAM. I don't think that the majority of animators of NU POGODI have had time and talent to do the clean up work on their own.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Art Komiks said...

I am looking for original animation cels and drawings for animation "Nu, pogodi!". Do you have for sale?

7:42 PM  

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