Monday, January 30, 2006

MOWGLI. Production art

About two months ago we did the couple of posts which were devoted to Russian version of Kipling's JUNGLE BOOK. Today we have a great opportunity to show some art work done for this Soyuzmultfim’s animation almost 40 years ago. We’ll try to publish all stuff in the ordered view. It is necessary to say that some of the greatest Soviet animators worked on that project but even their talents were insufficiently good for director Roman Davydov. He was so exacting that finally he personally animated pretty much footage. Here you can see some of his rough drawings.

The clean up artists did a marvelous work. These examples show how rough director’s drawings (here he acted as animator) were transferred to the film. This is the Sergey Marakasov’s clean up work most likely.

And here you can see the same drawings compared to the frames from finished film.

All art material was presented by Vladimir Nikitin. Within next few days we’ll show some rough animation’s drawings of adult Mowgli and high resolution scans of the production cels.


Blogger Gulzar said...

This is great...I havent done much homework on Russian animators, but you all do a splendid work of entertaining...sometime more than that...
you give a lot of inpsiration...

thank you for sharing all this is here with us...

7:46 AM  
Blogger mister X said...

Это просто супер, дисней отдыхает с 70 года.
Супер стилизация персонажей.

11:18 AM  

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