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Russia is the biggest country in the whole world. If you will decide to travel cross-country by train the tour will take not less than week! People of hundreds different nationalities live at enormous spaces of Russia. And they have many folk tales any of them is the real gem...
This saying became introduction to another ambitious Russian animated production [besides PRINCE VLADIMIR]. An idea to produce the series of cartoons with length of 13 minutes per episode has appeared a couple of years ago. The project was named THE MOUNTAIN OF GEMS (GORA SAMOTSVETOV).
It should not become an ordinary serial. Each episode devoted to one folk tale was done by separate team (or by independent animation studio) in most different technic of animation (as far as the budget allowed it). It was supposed to create 52 cartoons and about 20 are ready now. Part of them were shown on Russian television and released on DVD.
One film of THE MOUNTAIN OF GEMS was produced in St Petersburg by famous Russian animation director Konstantin Bronzit. Today he presented here the concept art and finished shots from his cartoon THE CAT AND THE FOX (KOT I LISA).
Art Directors - Konstantin Bronzit and Darina Shmidt

The early concept art

The finished shots


Anonymous Vegeta said...

hi, liked your blog very much. Im doing an essay on Russian animation. If you could help me with some information, I would be very greatful.
My e-mail is:

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Blogger Russian Insider said...

Vegeta, we can help only by advice. Look at . This is the most comprehensive database of Russian animated films. It is in English so it can be very helpful to you.
Glad that you liked blog.

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Anonymous Sameeksha said...

I am an Indian and have read the book A Mountain of Gems when I was small. It has given color and imagination to my childhood, and I remember each and every tale in detail even now, though I am now 24. I just wanted to extend my gratitude to Russia for having given me such a delicious outlook to life and such a fascinating world. Its a great thing that more and more children will now be exposed to this and I hope they continue to enjoy and cherish this as much as I did. Cheers

11:44 AM  

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