Thursday, December 01, 2005

Illustrations. Part 2

And again the Illustrations of Igor Oleynikov. Today we puts the Part Two.


Blogger St John Street said...

awsome work again

3:55 PM  
Anonymous sergei said...

lovely. do these illustrations have their own titles, by the way? for example, the first scene is fullof allusions, and i'm sure we're missing some of the points since we don't know the context. many thanks, again.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Jafar said...

Great illustrations, amazing colors, absolutely wonderful!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Indira said...

amazing work.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Virginia Valle said...

Oh this is absolutely wonderful and fantastic ! truly beautiful

11:06 PM  
Blogger Das Brick said...

Completely marvelous!! Is there more of his stuff available for folks outside Russia? Great blog too... keep up the great work!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Russian Insider said...

Sergei, Igor Oleynikov has told us that the titles for these drawing accordingly are:
1.THE SONG OF KWUDL ("Песня Квудля" из английской абсурдистской поэзии)
2. AELITA based on the book of ALEXEY TOLSTOY ("Аэлита" А.Толстой)
3. THE CAT OF SIAM ("Кот сиамский")
4. THE CHESHYR CAT WHICH HAS EATEN THE WORM ("Чеширский кот, сожравший червяка")
5. THE NOSE of Nikoly Gogol ("Нос" Н.В.Гоголь)

11:15 AM  

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